Tampa Traffic Con Shows Off Smart Barricades for Self Driving Cars

TAMPA (WFLA News) -- Barricades with a brain.

That's one of the innovations being showcased at a traffic safety convention starting today in Tampa.

The people who make traffic safety devices and the people who BUY them....are gathered for the American Traffic Safety Services Association convention starting today (Friday).

Association VP of Member Services Donna Clark says they're also awarding prizes for ideas from teams of college students... and in one case, even a group of high schoolers from Auburn, Alabama, who came up with a pedestrian safety application that involves wearing an RFID tag to warn oncoming cars.

Clark says this year's convention will unveil several innovations designed to make navigation easier for automated vehicles in the future. There are also devices designed to make it easier to get through work zones... including "smart" construction barrels that will actually talk to your car.

The ATSSA get-together at the Tampa Convention Center will also feature innovations designed to make the pathway easier for self-driving cars.

The convention and traffic expo runs through Tuesday and is limited to representatives of the traffic device industry and transportation officials.

Photo Credit: Scott Olson/Getty Images


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