Prosecutors Ask Death Penalty for Sebring Shooting Suspect

SEBRING (WFLA News) -- The suspect in the mass shooting that took five women's lives in January in Sebring, is now formally charged with first degree murder, and prosecutors want him to pay the ultimate price.

State Attorney Brian Haas says he'll ask for the death penalty, in the case of Zephen Xaver, 20. Haas says there's a long process ahead. "It's a very frustrating thing for our victims... (and) our community... but it's not a situation where there's going to be closure... anytime soon," Haas said.

Four employees and a customer were shot and killed execution style inside the Suntrust Bank January 23rd. Haas didn't offer any new details about the killings or the suspect, saying that information would come out through the discovery process, as the case moves through status hearings.

Xaver will be arraigned February 25th.

Photo Credit: Joe Raedle/Getty Images


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