Tampa Police Chief Says Great Gasparilla Parade Few Arrests

Gasparilla Parade fun

Tampa, Fla.(NewsRadio WFLA)-Tampa Police report there were a small number of arrests Saturday during the Gasparilla Festivities.

Tampa Police Chief Brian Dugan says the vast majority of people at the parade were well behaved. Eleven people were arrested, including two people for battery on a law enforcement officer.  The chief says police were asked to intervene after a man refused  to leave an area, and struck an officer as he was being arrested, that's when another man decided to get involved and also hit the officer.  Two party goers were charged with felony criminal mischief after standing on top of a police car damaging the vehicle.  One person was arrested and charged with felony battery in a domestic dispute, three people face  disorderly conduct charges, two teenagers were  charged with  underage drinking, and  one misdemeanor charge for obstruction.

Chief Dugan says,  "Once again the City put on a great show. A lot of people work hard to make this a safe and fun event. I think the parade goers really appreciate that."

Photo credit:Jeff Wagstaff

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