Brazen Tampa ATM Robber Climbs Through Driver's Window

Tampa, Fla. (NewsRadio WFLA)-A Tampa woman suffered cuts on her right hand and fingers after fighting off a man who climbed inside her car while she was using the ATM at the Regions Bank at 10109 Hillsborough West.  Bank cameras caught the suspect surveying the victim before his attack.

The video shows  59 year old Jerome Marciniak approach the drivers window.  He's threatening the woman with a 4" knife,  demanding she give him her money, when she refused,  Marciniak, leans into the drivers side window,  telling her to give him her car.  Again she refuses, so he crawls through the window into the passenger seat, takes her car keys from the ignition, while waving the knife just inches from her face.  After struggling with the victim, Marciniak grabbed a dollar bill off the floorboard, and left through the passenger side door.  

Detectives arrested Marciniak near Osbourne Avenue and 17th Street. He's charged with  armed burglary w/deadly weapon, armed burglary of a conveyance w/battery, and aggravated battery w/deadly weapon.

Video and photo credit: Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office

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