Mexican National Jailed for Sex Assault on Child in Polk

AUBURNDALE (970 WFLA) -- An immigrant from Mexico, subject to a deportation order, is in the Polk County jail, accused of repeatedly raping and molesting a child. 

The Polk Sheriff says Carlos Calderon, 41, an Auburndale resident, molested or battered the girl at least eight times. The victim, now 12, reportedly told an adult that Calderon had begun abusing her when she was just seven years old. Deputies obtained Calderon's cell phone and discovered sexually explicit photos of the victim. They also found a sex toy in the victim's bedroom. They say Calderon admitted to the crimes when they questioned him, and also admitted to being in the U.S. on an expired work visa. Records also show Calderon was applying for a green card. The federal shutdown makes it hard for the sheriff's office to confirm whether Calderon is here illegally, Judd said. 

"Calderon's continued (rape and molestation) is unconscionable," Sheriff Grady Judd says. "He preyed upon (the victim) and groomed her... we are going to make sure he is held accountable." Judd says he's not aware of other victims, but the investigation is just beginning. 

Calderon's in jail without bond. His name comes back on a federal arrest warrant from the Department of Homeland Security. The sheriff's office says ICE has been notified of Calderon's arrest. 

Calderon has a criminal record that includes driving with a suspended or revoked license, and possession of K-2 and drug paraphernalia. 

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