Three Children Found Dead in North Florida Freezer

LIVE OAK (970 WFLA) -- Three children found dead in a freezer in North Florida. The Suwannee County Sheriff's Office says it happened outside a home in Live Oak Sunday evening (13th). 

Deputies say someone called 911 after the children... one, four, and six years old... were found not breathing. The children were taken to a hospital and pronounced dead there. Adults at the house told them the children had climbed into the freezer while the woman who was watching them went inside to use the restroom. 

She woke up another woman and searched the yard when she returned and couldn't find them. They discovered the children inside the freezer and immediately began trying to revive them. 

Deputies say someone had put a hasp on the freezer to take a padlock, but there was no padlock on the door when the children climbed inside. At this point they don't believe it was a case of foul play. Prosecutors will review the case. 

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