Up On The Roof

Tampa, Fla.-(1/13/2019)-I've just spent a record-setting (for me) 5th year without an out-of-state vacation. It seems like there's a project to be done around the old homestead when I get time off. This time it was a new roof.

I knew it was getting to be re-roof time when I found a small leak in the garage. I know that one leak usually leads to another.  I think I fixed three leaks before I finally broke down and replaced the roof last time.

I started asking around about roofers and the name "Francisco Barrera" came up. He works with the contractor who fixes all the stuff around the iHeart Media complex. I found out that Francisco has put roofs on houses belonging to several staff members here.

Francisco was easy to work with in getting the job set and done. His crew was in and out in several days. Francisco and his assistant, Robert, also did a great job of rebuilding the chimney. They swept for any loose nails and cleaned-up before leaving.

Next up was the wait for two inspectors. The city inspector came first and assured all was well.  The inspector that sent the roof report to my insurance company followed. Hopefully, the insurance discount will be next.

Here's hoping my next vacation will be on the road.

Photos by Steve Hall

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