PETITION: Support Legislation To Ban Distracted Driving In Florida

Thanks for coming to my "PM Tampa Bay" petition page to help stop distracted driving in Florida. This is a serious issue claiming far too many lives and Florida is lagging behind the rest of the country in addressing it. Below you'll find a link to the petition and a story from the Tampa Bay Times about the legislation that will be debated in the upcoming 2019 legislative session. 

YOU can make a difference. Strong support for this petition will show leaders in Tallahassee that this is what Floridians want. We need YOUR SIGNATURE! The results will be passed along to Rep. Toledo and Senator Simpson to show their colleagues how much support their bills have across the state. 

 - Ryan Gorman

Click Here to sign the petition. 

Click Here to read about the legislation in the Tampa Bay Times. 

Click Here for information on the Living For Logan Foundation. 

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