Son-in-law arrested in Tarpon Springs triple murder

The son-in-law of a Tarpon Springs couple is now charged with their murder, as well as their son.

25-year-old Shelby Nealy was arrested in Lakewood, Ohio near Cleveland.  He's accused of murdering 71-year-old Richard Ivancic, his 59-year-old wife Laura and their 25-year-old son Nicholas.  

The Ivancic's 21-year-old daughter Jamie, who is Nealy's wife, is missing.

Major Jeff Young of the Tarpon Springs Police Department says investigators believe the Ivancic family was murdered in mid-December, likely December 19th or 20th.  

Young says witnesses even recall seeing a young man digging a hole outside the Ivancic home on Juanita way with a toddler next to him.  That man, believe investigators, was 25-year-old Shelby Nealy, married to the Ivancic's 21-year-old daughter Jamie.  

Nealy was found at a residence outside of Cleveland where he was taken into custody Thursday.  He was with his two little children, who are in state custody.  

Young says Nealy confessed to the murders of Richard and Laura Ivancic and their 25-year-old son Nicholas. 

 The Pasco Sheriff's Office confirms that their detectives are investigating a tip of a possible body at a residence in Port Richey that is connected to the Tarpon Springs triple murder case.

(Photo courtesy of the Tarpon Springs Police Department)

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