Florida 14th in Federal Shutdown Impact

WASHINGTON DC (970 WFLA) -- The partial shutdown of the federal government is hitting some parts of the country harder than others. 

Wallethub ranked the 50 states and DC in terms of impact. Spokesperson Jill Gonzalez says Florida ranks number 14, mainly because of the effect on the real estate industry. The partial shutdown could slow down processing of some loans, including FHA loans. 

"Snowbirds looking to get a new home or a second home... are not in luck right now. They're going to have to wait around for mortgages to be approved and be processed, " Gonzalez said. 

Florida could also be affected because we're ninth in the percentage of families on food stamps, at 22 percent. Gonzalez says that while SNAP assistance continues for now... it could run out of money.

As you might expect, the District of Columbia ranks highest in terms of impact, followed by New Mexico, Maryland, Hawaii and Alaska. The least impacted states... Minnesota and New Hampshire. 

Photo Credit Getty Images, Mark Wilson

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