Two Tampa Bay Area Gators Go Viral

Two alligators are making headlines this week in Tampa Bay news.

A year ago, an extremely and unusually large alligator became a social media sensation when it was spotted in Polk County. Now, it appears that the same gator has resurfaced in yet another viral Facebook video.

Suzy Griffin Paul spotted the 15-foot monster Saturday meandering along a path on Circle B Bar Preserve. She caught it on video, and posted it to her Facebook page. Although it is not confirmed as to whether or not this is the same gator seen in the area last year, the animal's size and unusual shape lead many to believe that it is. 

Another, smaller alligator, was captured outside of a Waffle House in Brandon. 

Tuesday evening, deputies came to a Waffle House after receiving calls that a 7-foot gator was outside the establishment off of State Rd. 60.

Officers attempted to throw a blanket over the gator to disorient it, and eventually had to follow it down the street into a different parking lot (with a crowd of spectators following behind). Eventually they were able to duct tape its mouth shut and move it into the back of a squad car. 

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