Former Hillsborough Sheriff Malcolm Beard Dies

Malcolm Beard

Tampa, Fla.-(Newsradio 970 WFLA)-Former Hillsborough County Sheriff, Florida State Representative and Florida State Senator Malcolm Beard has passed away at age 99.

Beard served as Hillsborough Sheriff from 1964 through 1978.  Beard then served in the Florida House from 1978 to 1980.  In 1979, Beard was elected to the Florida Senate and served until 1996.  The Hillsborough Sheriff's Office Command Center was named for Beard in 2013.

Although Beard was born in Georgia, his family soon moved to Florida.  After serving in the Navy in World War Two, Beard joined the Tampa Police Department in the 1940's.  Beard was elected constable for Hillsborough County in 1957 and held that position until he was elected Sheriff.

Photo courtesy Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office

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