How to Wreck a Job Interview... Go Shoplifting

SPRING HILL (970 WFLA) -- A Hudson man is facing retail theft charges after deputies charged him with trying to shoplift at a Kohl's store, where he had just sat down for a job interview.  

24 year old Dominick Breedlove applied at the Spring Hill Kohl's store Wednesday (5th) around 3:20. After leaving the human resources office, Hernando deputies say Breedlove scouted a pair of Nike shoes without a security tag. He then grabbed a Kohl's shopping bag from a previous purchase out of his car. and used it to sneak that pair and another out of the building. A loss prevention worker was watching him all the way through, and called the sheriff's office to report the crime in progress. 

Breedlove was taken into custody in the parking lot and charged with retail theft. Breedlove told investitgators he was going to give the shoes to his mother. 

Of course,  he did NOT get the job.


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