Multiple Lawsuits Surround FL Midterm Elections


  • In Broward County, Rick Scott's campaign filed request to find out how many ballots are outstanding and have not been counted - a judge has now ordered the release of these ballots. Both Rick Scott and media are frustrated with the lack of transparency. 
  • Scott's campaign also filed a lawsuit against Palm Beach County, where they alleged election officials withheld some of the over-voted and under-voted absentee ballots from the county canvassing board. Florida law states that only a canvassing board is allowed to determine "all valid votes" from over-votes or under-votes.
  • Nelson filed a lawsuit against the Florida Secretary of State stating a violation of equal protection clause (remembered from the 2000 Bush v Gore election). This has to do with the mishandling of absentee ballots. 


  • By noon tomorrow unofficial tallies must be submitted
  • 3 statewide races will likely meet the .5% recall threshold and, although Florida has never seen this, it's not surprising because it is the most competitive state in the country
  • Ballots from overseas must all be counted by 10 days after election day
  • With more races now decided, it's clear that Democrats did very well nationally, with big gains in congressional, legislative and gubernatorial races
  • Social media effected turn out in millennials at the polls 


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