PM Tampa Bay Election Eve Special

Ryan Gorman and retired USF Political Scientist Dr. Susan MacManus discuss the importance of the independent and youth vote, the big state races and whether or not Amendment 4 is likely to pass. 


Washington Examiner Political Correspondent David Drucker discusses President Trump's current strategy of going all in on immigration as a topic of discussion at rallies. He says that this strategy is keeping enthusiasm up and should help to prevent serious upsets in Senate. However, he says it could hurt House races, and points out that he could have focused more on the good economy to secure seats there. 


Evan Donavan is a News Channel 8 Political Anchor, and he says that he has no idea what will happen tomorrow, and doesn't think anyone does. He says it will be a combination of voter turn out on each side and what the Independents do. He recalls in 2016 how many people voted against Hillary rather than for Trump, and says that how this group votes is critical. Catch Evan on WFLA's digital show tomorrow at 7pm on and the WFLA Facebook page. You can also check out Ryan's stint on Channel 8, and look for him again on Election Day, bringing coverage and analysis. 


FL Politics Publisher Peter Schorsch says that insider polling shows that no one in Tallahassee will be upset if Gillum wins - the consensus is that the GOP did not nominate their best candidate. He also says that DeSantis could have run a more positive campaign, and that tomorrow is a referendum in Florida on Trump. 


American Spectator Contributing Editor Jeffrey Lord says that the odds are against Donald Trump and his favorites in the mid-terms, but many recent events can effect voting, including Kavanaugh, the pipe bombs, the Pittsburgh shooting, and even the weather on Election Day. He says that President Trump campaigning for DeSantis overall has been a net positive, but whatever happens tomorrow will not indicate what will happen to Trump two years from now. He says it is also important to note that if Gillum wins, he could be a presidential candidate down the line. 


Ryan Gorman and former Obama Campaign Senior Advisor Steve Schale discuss the early vote totals, how the independent vote and youth vote will impact the midterms and which counties to keep an eye on as the results come in for an indication of which party could have a big night. 



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