Triple A Warns About Halloween Traffic Dangers

TAMPA (970 WFLA) -- Children and ....hopefully... parents are hitting the streets together for trick or treating tonight. Matt Nasworthy with Triple A Auto Club Group in Tampa says that's a big concern... because pedestrian accidents are going up in general and putting a bunch of youngsters on the street make it potentially even worse. 

"Not only do you have increased traffic... but (since Hallowe'en falls on a Wednesday) you have that rush hour factor," Nasworthy said.

Triple-A's advice to motorists... slow down on side streets, turn on your headlights, put down the phone, and don't drive drunk. For trick or treaters, stay on the sidewalk and use glow sticks and light-colored costumes to stay visible. 

Hallowe'en is also a grownup excuse to party... and for some people, that means drinking and then trying to drive. John Pecchio with Triple A auto club group says one way to avoid that problem is with the Tow to Go service... which will take you and your car home, or any safe place within ten miles. 

The service is sponsored by AAA and Anheuser-Busch. The number to call is 1-855-286-9246. 

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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