How to Win Florida... the Ultimate Swing State


  • Michael Grunwald calls Florida "the ultimate swing state" and "the land of the political cliffhanger"... and claims that this is the country's highest stakes Governor's race. 
  • He sites recent races to back the point up - Trump's 1% win over Clinton, Obama's 1% win over Romney, and George W. Bush's notorious 537 vote win over Al Gore in 2000.
  • He says it is important to target different regions of Florida with different tactics because every place in the state matters. 
  • The electorate is getting younger, and filled with more minorities, which may aid Democrats. This is an important shift in a state with such a small margin. 
  • National politics also have a large effect on voter turnout, and thus the overall outcome. If Trump is unpopular enough to bring out voters that may have normally stayed home, Democrats may over-perform. 

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