Mock Trump Attack at Lakeland "Rocky Horror" Show

LAKELAND (970 WFLA) -- The Polk Theatre is apologizing on Facebook, after an actor or actors decided to simulate an assassination of President Trump. 

It happened during Friday's live entertainment leading up to a midnight screening of the Rocky Horror Picture Show. The theater says on its Facebook page that "participants... decided to deviate from the original format" of the live show that led up to the midnight showing of the 1970s gender-bending horror parody. It insists the skit wasn't part of the rehearsal for Friday's performance. 

"It is our mission to promote art, but only if it doesn't hurt or offend any of our patrons," the Facebook statement said. 

No political references were made during Saturday's repeat performance, other than a call by the MC for people to "get out and vote."

The Polk is offering refunds... apparently many in the audience got up and left when things got political. 

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