SunPass Invoices to be Released After Election


  • It has been reported that Gov. Scott has financial ties to the vendor that operates SunPass, and is subsequently responsible for the massive screw-up. Gov. Scott and and his wife have invested millions in a a hedge fund with stock in the company Conduent... The Tampa Bay Times printed an article detailing the connections. 
  • 1 million of the 6 million Floridians that use SunPass use Toll-by-Plate, those drivers have yet to receive their bills from the past 5 months. 
  • Toll-by-Plate users will receive their bills following the mid-term elections in November. 
  • Pransky questions Scott as to why he isn't holding SunPass more accountable for the massive screw up. He has no evidence that Scott was directly involved, but says that the Governor is entrenched in the scandal via his connections. 
  • Gillum is under fire for allegedly accepting Broadway tickets from an undercover FBI agent in 2016, he stands by his statement that he did not know who paid for the tickets when he accepted them. 


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