Hillsborough Co. Transportation Referendum Explained

Janelle Irwin is a reporter for Florida Politics. She joins PM Tampa Bay to discuss Referendum 2 on the upcoming November 6th ballot. 'All for Transportation' is Hillsborough County's transportation referendum. Voters will decide whether or not they are okay with raising sales tax 1 percent throughout the county to fund transit and transportation. 

  • If passed, tax would increase from 7% to 8%, the highest tax in the state. 
  • The average Hillsborough county resident would pay around $300 a year, and this would raise an average of $280 million per year for transportation in the county. Approximately 1/3 of this would come from tourists and visitors. 
  • A big thing that distinguishes this from past referendums is that is focuses on transportation and transit instead of just transportation.
  • A big argument from opponents are that it is a regressive tax, meaning it will take the largest percentage of income from low-income residents. Some also say that the government should be more effective and find funding outside of taxation.  
  • Despite some critics, 'All for Transportation' has garnered support throughout the state. In a recent Florida Politics article, Irwin says that the transportation initiative is poised to pass after early polling. You can read that article here. 

Tyler Hudson is an attorney in Tampa Heights, and is the Chair of the 'All for Transportation' referendum. 

  • Property tax and sales tax in Hillsborough County is currently lower than the state average.
  • Of the money collected, 54% will go to roads, 45% will invest in public public transportation, and 1% will go towards planning. 
  • Hudson says that a petition 77,000 got this referendum on the ballot 
  • Another referendum on the ballot proposes an increased sales tax for Hillsborough County schools... Hudson says that a good state and a good county is one with a good school system and safe roads to get there efficiently. 
  • He also notes that if this referendum does not pass, the transportation situation in this area could likely get worse. 

For more information on Referendum 2 before the Nov. 6 ballot, click here.

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