Tampa Among Top 20 Cities For Vegans and Vegetarians

When you think of being a vegan or vegetarian, where do you think that the best place is to be for your dietary needs?

Would you think of Tampa as being one of the best cities to live as a vegan or vegetarian? Because according to WalletHub, it made the list!

On a list made for 2018’s Best Cities for Vegetarians & Vegans, Tampa was rated #11 for the best place to be, while Orlando ranked in at number 3!

  Top 20 Cities for Vegans & Vegetarians

  1.  New York, NY
  2.  Portland, OR 
  3.  Orlando, FL 
  4.  Seattle, WA
  5.  San Francisco, CA 
  6.  Los Angeles, CA 
  7.  Austin, TX
  8.  Scottsdale, AZ 
  9.  San Diego, CA 
  10.  Las Vegas, NV 
  11.  Washington, DC
  12.  Tampa, FL
  13.  Chicago, IL
  14.  Phoenix, AZ
  15.  Miami, FL
  16.  Atlanta, GA
  17.  Anaheim, CA
  18.  Nashville, TN
  19.  Houston, TX
  20.  Madison, WI

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