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CLEARWATER (FOX 13) - When Josh and Sara Margulis got married 12 years ago, they didn't want to do the typical wedding registry.

"We didn't have the funds to get to Fiji, where we wanted to relax and connect with each other as newlyweds," said Josh.

So the couple set up a honeymoon fund on their wedding website as part of their registry.

"We asked our guests if they would make some of these dream experiences happen for us," said Sara.

And they did. Their guests like the idea so much, they encouraged the couple to make this idea possible for others.

So in 2006, Josh and Sara started Honeyfund.

"Honeyfund is a one-stop shop as a wedding registry," said Josh.

Originally based in California, the couple and the company relocated to Clearwater.

"There were challenges in running a tech company in northern California. Silicon Valley is very competitive," Sara explained.

"We found by moving here, we would be able to hire people and grow our company substantially," Josh said.

And in another major step forward, Honeyfund has partnered with's wedding registry.

"It's significantly increased the number of couples that are signing up for hHoneyfund and the amount of gifts that are going through our site," said Josh.

"Things are changing a little bit in the wedding space. You've got couples who are really focused on experiences more than things, just like Josh and I were 12 years ago," said Sara.

The experiences available on Honeyfund are almost limitless. There are traditional honeymoon resort, destination, and cruise packages available.

There are also tickets to shows, wine tastings, dining gift cards, spa packages, cooking lessons, sporting events, and even Uber and Top Golf.

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Company Info

Honeyfund's #1 online wedding gift registry makes it easy to give and receive the perfect wedding gift — one that reflects your unique style and makes giving fun for your wedding guests! As the world's most popular crowd-gifting site for weddings, honeymoons, down payments, charities and more, we've helped nearly half a million couples make their newlywed dreams come true with our easy-to-use platform. Our one-stop wedding registry solution offers couples the greatest value with 100% free options. And now, anyone can use our simple crowd-gifting solution with our sister site, Plumfund. Whether celebrating life’s memorable moments, helping a friend in need, or standing together for a common cause, Plumfund’s mission is to provide a simple, low-cost, and customizable solution for all of us who strive to make a difference in the lives of others — because giving feels good.

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