Santa Rosa Co. Issues (Fake) Trespassing Warning to Jim Cantore

It's official: Jim Cantore is banned from the Florida Panhandle. 

Hurricane Michael makes its way towards the state, and the Panhandle is hard at work making emergency preparations. Although this is looking to be a gravely serious storm, the Santa Rosa County Sheriff's Office tried to make light of the situation by teasing Weather Center meteorologist Jim Cantore with a fake trespassing note. 

"Everyone know whats [sic] in store when Jim Cantore shows up," the Facebook post read. "So we issued a little notice."

Cantore, a Weather Channel meteorologist, is known for traveling to locations that experience the worst of the worst weather. 

"We like Jim, just not under these conditions" the post continued. If Cantore shows up, you know its a bad one. 

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