Hurricane Michael Strengthens- Could Become Cat. 4 Hurricane

Ryan Gorman and iHeartRadio Reporter Rick Flagg discuss preparations taking place in the panhandle in advance of Hurricane Michael.


  • If you aren't prepared yet for Hurricane Michael, you probably won't be. Stores have already closed for the day and likely won't open until after the storm has passed and power has been restored. 
  • Florida candidates have put their campaigns on hold and are out and about throughout the Panhandle assisting where they can. Sen. Nelson is in Tallahassee, Gov. Scott is doing what Flagg calls a "gloom and doom tour" in the Panhandle with press conferences, and  Gillum is making the rounds checking sandbags and local hospitals for preparedness. 
  • Many are watching Gillum carefully, as many Republicans say he has a past record of poor management of hurricanes while serving as Mayor of Tallahassee. Flagg calls these criticisms unfair. 
  • Most of those that have evacuated or are currently evacuating are heading East to Jacksonville or North to Atlanta, there's a lot of bad traffic in North Florida. 

Ryan Gorman and Weather Channel Meteorologist Mark Thibodeau discuss the latest forecast for Hurricane Michael and how it will impact the Tampa Bay area.


  • The 5 PM advisory announced that this has now grown into a major, category 3 hurricane, with max sustained winds reaching 120 mph and a 9 ft storm surge. 
  • Thibodeau says he has not ruled out the possibility of the storm becoming a Category 4 hurricane. 
  • This is a fast moving storm, but it will weaken after making landfall.
  • The storm will eventually move North, still being considered a mid-latitude tropical storm as far away as Cape May, NJ.
  • We are on tropical storm watch here in Tampa. Wednesday will be worst day here for weather, Thursday will potentially see some showers, but the weather will be beautiful for the weekend. 
  • Panama City will likely see the worst of the storm, it could be potentially devastating to that area. Tallahassee will not see as much damage, but it could still be a Category 1 hurricane when it arrives. 


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