The Effect of Hurricane Michael on Florida and Tampa Bay


  • Hurricane Michael is making it's way to Florida, but it will have the greatest impact west and north of us here in Tampa. 
  • In our area, you should keep an eye out for high winds and high tides due to Hurricane Michael.
  • As of right now, it looks like Hurricane Michael could make landfall in Panama City as early as Wednesday afternoon. 
  • Michael first looked like a Category 1 hurricane, but has since risen to a Category 3. Meteorologist Steve Jerve says that it is important to remember that storms and weather forecasts change frequently, so it is important to continually watch for updates. 
  • Many thought Florida was in the clear fora hurricane this season, but Jerve says we shouldn't let our guard down in October for hurricanes as there have been many hitting this late in the past.  
  • Hurricane Michael may pull dryer air in this area Saturday morning, and within the next few weeks we may see a cold-front here in Tampa Bay. 



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