Mayor Buckhorn Talks Hurricane Michael, Rays and Election

Hurricane Michael 

Hurricane Michael should have no major impact on the Tampa Bay area, but the city is making preparations just in case. Mayor Buckhorn is prepared to activate emergency centers if necessary, though to a lesser degree than for Irma. At this time, Mayor Buckhorn anticipates storm serge and high waters, but says at this point it is nothing citizens should worry about. In the mean time, he will be monitoring the situation and will activate sand bag sites if necessary. He sends thoughts and prayers to our neighbors in the Panhandle, who will see the worst part of the storm. 

Midterm Elections

Mayor Buckhorn reminds Floridians that there is only one more day to register to vote. He is optimistic about voter turnout this year, saying that there is more passion in this midterm than in any others. The youth are more energized here in Florida, especially after the Parkland shooting and issues going on at the national level. 

Mayor Buckhorn points out that our last two state elections were decided by 60,000 votes or less, so every vote really does count. Mayor Buckhorn is excited about the possibility of Gillum as Governor, and thinks he represents an exciting opportunity for Democrats in Florida. He points out that an extensive period of one-party control isn't good for anyone.

Mayor Buckhorn supports both Hillsborough County tax referendums (for transportation and education) on the upcoming ballot. He says here in Florida we must support schools, roads, and general infrastructure because Tampa needs more mobility options and investments for its future. No one wants to pay more taxes, but these particular investments are long term and will dictate the future of Hillsborough county. He poses this question to voters- what do you want our future to look like here in Tampa Bay? 

Rays Ballpark

Mayor Buckhorn makes it clear that he does not have that money for the Rays Ballpark, and will not be writing a check for the funding anytime soon. He does say that revenue from the stadium could potentially pay off acquired debt, but Tampa should ultimately walk away if it is a bad deal. Not much has changed from March for Mayor Buckhorn, but he says that the Rays and Tampa residents deserve our vest efforts to try and make this deal happen. 

A Future at USF?

Mayor Buckhorn will soon be unemployed... but is he eyeing a newly open position over at the University of South Florida? Although he said it isn't something he ever thought of, he didn't rule it out. He leaves us hanging with a "...we'll see". 

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