The Beast Of The Street

Tampa, Fla-(10/7/2018)-I guess it's a good thing that Number One Son has a better car than me.  He has a good job and no kids or wife to support.

Sonny pulled up in a 2017 Dodge Charger R/T Hemi Scat Pack.  It's even got that Mopar plum purple color. I remember the days of muscle cars when Mopar was king.  

It's a powerful car.  He took me for a ride and then actually let the old man get behind the wheel.  Let's just say it has a bit more power than my little 4 cylinder car.

I wouldn't want the payment, the insurance and or the gas bill. I went through the fast car thing when I was young.  I guess it's my son's turn now.

Take a look at the pics. Pretty nice, huh?

Photos by Tattoo Lady

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