#NationalDoSomethingNiceDay : 5 Easy Random Acts Of Kindness

October 5th is National Do Something Nice Day. 

Although it would be nice if everyone lived their lives doing kind things on a daily basis without thinking about it, but that's not the case. 

Today serves as a reminder to us all to stop for a moment and do something nice. 

Here's a few ways to do that!

1. Pay for the coffee, the toll, or the bus fare for the person behind you

This is SO easy to do! If you've going through the Starbucks live, simply just offer to pay for the next person in line. Going through a toll road? Offer up and extra dollar to pay for the next car! It's guaranteed to make the person behind you feel good!

2. Compliment a stranger

This may be the easiest thing to complete on this list. All it takes is to simply walk up to someone you've never met, and give them a genuine compliment. Whether it's  'I like your dress' or 'You have nice eyes,' any compliment could make a huge difference.

3. Let the person who seems rushed cut in front of you.

We know that when you are in a rush to get somewhere that the last thing you want to do is let the people that are sitting in traffic get in front of you. But today, let it slide! If you're out driving today and someone around you seems rushed and tries to cut in front of you, be the person who lets them in! It'll only sting for a minute!


I don't necessarily mean donating money either. Have something lying around your house that you're maybe not using anymore, but could be useful for someone else? Why not donate it? Whether bringing it to your local hospice or Goodwill, or posting it online for Free! There's also plenty of food banks that could take some canned/non-perishables that you may have lying around the house.

5. Send a care package to a solider!

I promise that this is one of the most rewarding things you could possibly do. There are SO many deployed soldiers who would love nothing more than to receive a care package in the mail from you. You can put just about anything in it from magazines to snacks or socks! There's a great program that I use called 'Adopt A Soldier' that allows you to adopt your own soldier that you can correspond with! Adopt A Solider will also give you a list of things that your specific solider may like/need.

You can adopt your solider HERE


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