FitzTragic! No More FitzMagic For The Bucs

After a tough loss to the Chicago Bears (48-10), the Bucs are changing their game plan. The first big move? Ryan Fitzpatrick is out as starting Quarterback, and Jameis Winston will presumably take over the role moving forward.

Spectrum Bay News 9 Sports Reporter Mike Cairns joined PM Tampa Bay to talk the disappointing loss and the roster change. 

Head Coach Dirk Koetter had some strong opinions on the loss, telling reporters "We should fire every person that was on that field today, starting with me. That was horrific."

At halftime, the Bucs were down 38-3, and this is when the team decided to bring in Winston. Winston will start at Quarterback when the Bucs take on the Atlanta Falcons in Week 6. 

Cairns also recaps the surprisingly successful season for the Tampa Bay Rays, and says that it's "Stanley Cup or bust" for the Tampa Bay Lightning. 

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