Best One Hit Wonders Of The 80s and 90s

Today, September 25, 2018 is National One Hit Wonder Day. 

We take a look back at some of the best one hit wonders of the 80s. 

What were some of your favorites?

These are my top 10 favorites! The first one is a song that just about anyone could sing along to.

The second one that comes to mind is 'Groove Is In The Heart' by Deee-Lite

If you haven't had a solo dance session to this song in your bedroom, are you even living?

And we can't possibly forget about the classic 'Whip It.'

And Bow Wow Wow's 'I want Candy' is a classic that we can never forget. I am pretty confident that every teenage girl in the 80s had this song stuck in their head for months!

Last, but not least is 'Tainted Love' by Soft Cell! If you don't know this song, well then... who am I kidding? EVERYONE can sing along to 'Tainted Love,'

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