Five People Arrested For Lewd Behavior In Lakeland Parks

Lakeland, Fla. (970 WFLA)-Polk County Sheriff Detectives arrested five people, Tuesday  for lewd behavior in Saddle Creek Park and Gator Creek Park.

Undercover detectives conducted an investigation following complaints of the lewd behavior occurring in both public parks, in public view.

The arrest of four men and a woman on Tuesday comes less than a week after PCSO arrested four others for similar crimes in the same two parks.

The  five people arrested Tuesday:

Wesley Waltonbaugh, Jr. - 77,  Eagle Lake. CHARGES: Solicit Another for Lewd Act  and Battery 

Sandra Woods - 55, , Auburndale. CHARGES: Offering to Commit Prostitution  and Offer Another to Engage in a Lewd Act  Woods has a prior prostitution and shoplifting arrest.

Ronald Findlay - 73,  Auburndale. CHARGES: Offering to Commit Prostitution and Offer Another to Engage in a Lewd Act 

Curtis Kemp - 30, Auburndale. CHARGES: Offer to Commit Lewd Act  and Indecent Exposure Kemp's prior criminal history includes: Grand Theft , Possession of Marijuana , Possession of Paraphernalia, Probation Violation, and DWLSR 

Donald Eby - 78,  Lakeland. CHARGES: Offer to Commit Lewd Act 

"At some point, folks have to realize that public parks are not the place for this kind of behavior. We make no secret that we conduct these types of investigations for a reason----so people will stop doing it. Families have a right to enjoy our beautiful public spaces without worrying about seeing lewd activity. We'll be out there again, and you know what? If someone is there doing what they shouldn't be doing, we're going to arrest them."- Grady Judd, Sheriff.

Photo credit: Polk County Sheriff's Office

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