Son Sings With Father Who Has Alzheimer's

Simon McDermott's dad Ted used to be quite the hot shot singer back in the day, but unfortunately Alzheimer's has since taken over his memory. 

However, Simon and his father are still able to connect through the power of music, and it is amazing!

Moments like this mean so much during a time like this. This is a good reminder to appreciate every moment, even the little ones.

And it doesn't just stop here! The two have done quite a few videos together!

I have a feeling you will be seeing a lot more of these two making their way around the internet.

Check out this video, where the two lipsync to Ted's album, 'A Song A Minute,' featuring the Big Band sounds of the Guy Barker Orchestra and Ted McDermott! It's so nice to see them keeping his music alive, despite the dementia!

You can learn more about this adorable duo and their story HERE:

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