Pasco Man Arrested For Attempted Kidnapping Caught By K-Nine

New Port Richey, Fla. (970 WFLA)- A Pasco County man has learned the hard way you can run,  but you cannot hide from Pasco County K-Nine Officer Titan!.

 According to the sheriff's office,  24 year old Kevin Wilson had climbed up through the second floor window of a home on Castine Street in  New Port Richey.  The woman who lives there, let him in.  But after a few minutes of arguing with Wilson she told him to leave. That's when he grabbed the woman's baby, telling her she would never see her child again.   She called out to her uncle, who grabbed a gun and  chased Wilson out of the house.  Once outside the uncle threatened to shoot Wilson if he didn't hand over the little girl.  He eventually  let the child go and drove off.   

Deputies were called and discovered  Wilson had abandoned his car and ran off into the woods, near Ridge Road and Moon Lake Road.   Sgt. Ferguson along with K-Nine Officer Titan found him hiding in the bushes. 

According to News Channel Eight,  Wilson is charged with  child neglect, interference with custody and violation of pre-trial release.  A no-contact order was issued against Wilson after he was arrested for domestic battery last July.

Video Credit: Pasco Sheriff's Office

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