Pasco And Pinellas Rescue Crews On The Ground In North Carolina

Dade City, Fla. (970 WFLA)-Rescue crews from Pasco and Pinellas Counties are on the ground to help in the aftermath of Hurricane Florence. 

On Monday,  the Florida  State Emergency Response Team  All Hazards Incident Management Team Association , comprised of Florida Emergency Management, Pasco County Fire Rescue, Pasco Emergency Management, Lakeland Fire, Lakeland PD, and Pinellas County Emergency Management members, deployed to Brunswick North Carolina to assist with the local Emergency Operations Center.

The team was deployed by U.S. Army helicopter to the EOC due to flooding and blocked roads in the region.   One rescue worker says the roads are so bad, crew members had to be helicoptered in, and they saw significant damage, like torn roofs and downed power lines.  

The team has not been given a time frame for how long they will be deployed in the region.

Video credit: Pasco Fire and Rescue

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