Hurricane Life Hacks Every Floridian Needs

We've all been there- you think you are prepared for the hurricane, but suddenly it hits, you lose power and realize just how much you didn't think of. These simple hacks utilize things you probably already have in your home, and can really help out when you're stuck in the dark in the middle of the storm!

Forgot the candles? Don't worry- if you have an orange and some olive oil in your kitchen you can make a candle that will burn for 6-8 hours.

You never know when you'll need to start a fire- for light, warmth or to cook with. An egg carton, dryer lint and wax can help you get a fire started and going for days!

What's one of the first things most of us think of when the power goes out? "How long will the food in my refrigerator stay good for?!" If you have some terra cotta pots in your yard, you can make some mini-fridges! These will keep your perishables cold for days, just make sure you have some sand!

Honestly, this one is helpful when it's not a hurricane too! With a little bit of foil, you can convert AAA into AA batteries! (Just be careful, there's a fire hazard with this one!)

Anyone with kids has an endless supply of crayons, which also mean you have an endless supply of tiny candles! This is a super quick, super easy way to get some light in a pinch!

We all know the struggle of eating cold canned food during a hurricane... Well if you have an old pizza box, you can make a microwave! It might take a little longer, but with a box and some foil, you can warm up your food in a pinch!

Next time you're stuck in the middle of hurricane, try out these hacks! Plus, keep your phone charged so you can tune into 970WFLA on the iHeartRadio App for the best, most comprehensive hurricane coverage in the state!

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