Weirdest Ice Cream Flavors Of 2018

Welcome to 2018... the year of people loving strange flavors! Maybe people have always loved strange flavors and they're becoming more of a reality now. Check out some of the strangest ice cream flavors to make their way to ice cream shops around the country!

First on the list is Cheetoh! Yes... Cheetoh ice cream dipped in dusted Cheetohs. Okay?

No thanks. I think I will pass on the Cheetoh.

This next one may not be for everyone. However. if you like Blue Cheese it may be PERFECT for you. As long as you're down to break out of your comfort zone and try your favorite dressing a way that you've surely never tried it before.

Not really a Blue Cheese type of person? Do you prefer regular condiments such as ketchup, or maybe mayo? Don't worry! They're created some ice cream flavors just for you too!


Would you try ANY of these? Unless there was a big $100 bill in front of my face, there is NO way!

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