Williams US Open Controversy


  • Serena Williams was given a warning for receiving coaching during the US Open final, a code violation but one that is rarely policed.
  • In response, she broke her racket and was met with a docked point. She then turned to Chair Umpire Carlos Ramos and shouted at him, calling him "a thief". He penalized her again for this, leading her to be thrown from the game. 
  • Many media groups jumped to call this incident both racist and sexist. 
  • Page sees this as more of a sportsmanship issue. He says the umpire was in the right for penalizing her for the code violations, and Williams reacted poorly. 
  • The issue of kneeling during the National Anthem in the NFL issue seems to have passed, only two players out of the 1,000+ in the league chose to kneel this past weekend. 
  • Overall ratings for the weekend were down, but it may not necessarily be because of the Anthem protests. 
  • It's likely the reason people aren't watching the NFL is because of decreased quality of play- too many penalties are called, making games sloppy and slow to watch. Baseball, basketball and hockey are all regional sports that do well in their local markets, and the NFL seems to be shifting that way. 


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