Teen Asked To Leave Trump Rally After Making Bizarre Facial Expressions

Meet #PlaidShirtGuy, who caught the attention of tons of Americans during Trump's rally in Billings, Montana. 

Tyler Linfesty, a 17-year-old senior from Billings West High School was asked to leave the rally, after making some strange facial expressions behind the President.

Apparently, he wasn't agreeing with everything the President had to say, or maybe just wasn't sure.

Tyler told the Washington Post that he had no intent to troll Trump at all! 

Instead, when he heard something he disagreed with, he visibly agreed and the Press and Secret Service was not having it, and escorted him into a different area.

Evidently, after arriving at the rally, Tyler was selected at random  for a VIP status, meaning he would get to meet President Trump for a  photo-op. That's when he took the opportunity to ask the President if  him  and his friends could sit behind him during the rally.

According to what Tyler told Washington Post, he had no idea that he would be in the camera's frame.

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