PM Tampa Bay 9/11 Tribute

Ryan spoke with Aviation Expert Jay Ratliff to get a better grasp on the aviation angle of this American tragedy. He talked about the world of flight before 9/11, as well as the big changes that were made to better protect passengers following it. He says we still have some vulnerabilities now and are currently at around a 5 on a safety scale of 1-10. 

Tampa Bay Times Military Reporter Howard Altman has covered two wars, and various other military engagements that are related to the war on terror, so he has a unique and informed perspective on the aftermath of 9/11. He recaps the conflicts we've been involved in over the past 17 years and discusses where the fight on terror could end up going in the future.

Political Scientist Dr. Susan MacManus discusses the unity felt by this country in the aftermath of 9/11. She also discusses the political shift that happened nation-wide after the events, as well as the shift here in the state of Florida. Florida was heavily impacted after 9/11, she says, in large part due to the amount of former New York residents who live in Florida and because of our large military population.

Here are two pieces on 9/11 that Ryan recommends. The first is a story about a disturbing yet iconic photo of a man who jumped to his death at the World Trade Center. The other is a detailed description of the events that took place that day aboard Air Force One. 

Esquire: The Falling Man

Politico: We're The Only Plane in the Sky  

Below you'll find one of the most memorable moments from the aftermath of the 9/11 attacks. It's a moment, as Ryan stated on the show, that truly brought the country together after an unthinkable tragedy. 

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