Katie's Epicurean Excursion

Every weekend I make it a point to get out and try new restaurants in the Tampa Bay area, or wherever I may be at the time. 

This weekend I got the chance to try Capital Tacos, Metro Diner and Batter and Dough!

I also tried Hardees NEW Fruit Loops Donuts!

(Although I may or may not have been to Batter and Dough once or twice before)

On Friday after work, I headed over to Metro Diner located at 4011 W Kennedy Blvd, Tampa, FL 33609

When I say this place was delicious, I mean it. Not only was it tasty, but the experience as a whole was fantastic. You can order Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner any time of day, and they place your order from a tablet right from your table! I love this concept because you know that your food is being sent back to the kitchen instantly. You also pay by the tablet at the end too, so that was very convenient!

All the staff works together to ensure that you are taken care of! We had multiple people stop by our table to check on us!

I ordered a spicy honey chicken biscuit along with a bacon and honey mustard chicken tender sandwich with mac & cheese as a side. (It was 9:30AM by the way) 

The waffle you will see in the photos belonged to my friend Laurren and she said that it was incredible. I definitely recommend checking this place out if you're ever in the area. Or even if you're not, it's worth the drive!

On Saturday, I double-downed and went to two restaurants, which are conveniently located right next to each other! I got to try Capital Tacos for the first time and then walked down to one of my favorite spots, Batter & Dough.

Both places are located within Cypress View Square in Wesley Chapel!

Capital Tacos definitely lived up to the hype for me! 

I consider myself a self-made taco connoisseur and I totally loved this place. You can get anything on their menu served as a taco, burrito, rice bowl, salad or nachos!

 I asked the gentleman at the counter what he suggested and I went with it! Thus, giving me a MC Yum Yum Taco and Capital Taco's bestseller, the Austinite. 

*The Mc Yum Yum -Grilled Adobo Chicken, bacon & Chorizo with avocado, street corn, pico, jack & cheddar, and Poblano ranch!

*The Austinite - Carne Asada with Jack & Cheddar, Caramelized onions, avocado, sour cream, chihuahua cheese, and chipotle ranch!

After Capital Tacos, Despite being insanely full,  I somehow managed to get down to one of my favorite spots in the Bay... Batter and Dough! 

You may have seen me highlight this delicious spot before, but if not, here it is! This is a sweet shop that serves up artisan mini pancakes and leige waffles, with just about any topping imaginable! 

If you love sweets, pancakes, waffles or fresh fruit, check this place out!

I ordered some mini pancakes with chocolate, strawberries and vanilla ice cream along with a s'mores waffle. YUM!

Also, I DID IT!!! I FINALLY got to try Hardees New Fruit Loops Donuts. After seeing the internet blow up about these things, I finally made my way to the nearest Hardees location to give them a try.

Let me just say, if you are a lover of the cereal, you'll undoubtedly be a fan of the donuts!

They taste EXACTLY as if you were taking a bite of the Fruit Loops cereal.  

They're tasty, but they're also a little too much for me. After about 2,  I was done. I'd give them a 7/10. They were extremely affordable  though, so worth getting to try!

This was definitely the best way to end my food adventures for the weekend!

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