I Asked The Internet To Edit My Photos And The Results Were Hilarious

On my recent trip to Barbados, I had a photo taken of me that I  thought turned out extremely awkward. Instead of just deleting the  photo, I asked the internet to give it a good edit! 

Get ready to laugh, because the results are hilarious!

The original photo was of me sipping champagne in a bubble bath. (I know, rough life, right?)

But for whatever awkward reason, I decided to hold my arm straight out, as if there should be something sitting on it.

I thought it would be entertaining to find a photo editing group on Facebook to ask some users to edit my photo and maybe place something on my arm. 

Here is what I received! 

Some people were actually practical and placed things such as a wine glass in my hand. One guy even went as far as erasing my arm entirely, to make it look like it was in the bathtub!

However, not everyone was so practical! Most people had a lot of fun with this and just went full on crazy. Those were by far my favorites!

From marrying Trump to having a brew with Ted, it was hard not to laugh!

I even had some friends and listeners submit some of their edits! Yes, that's Jack Harris!!

Ahhh, I love the internet. People are so creative!

Which edit was your favorite? 

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