Why Publix Has A Scale In Every Store

Have you ever wondered why every single Publix in Florida has a scale in the front of the store? 

Well, we recently learned from a Tampa Bay Times article that the classic Toledo scales have actually been inside the stores since Publix founder George Jenkins opened his first Publix in 1940!

Jenkins chose to do this because the only opportunity to weigh yourself at the time was to go to the doctors, unless you could find a coin operated scale around. He wanted to be able to offer the service for free, so he did!

And would you believe that the original scale STILL works?

For us Florida residents, seeing a scale inside a grocery store isn't strange. 

Because Publix has brought us up to think that it's just the norm. However, some people from out of state find the whole thing very strange.

She's right, she's definitely NOT in New York anymore!

Learn more about Publix and the history of their scale by checking out the article at: 


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