No Charges for Mother who Gave Son 'Swirly' as Punishment

A Leesburg Florida mother, best known for a viral video where she gives her son a "swirly" in the toilet, will not face charges. 

Leesburg Police received numerous complaints from concerned citizens after the video was shared on Facebook. Officers attempted to get a warrant out for the mother's arrest on charges of child abuse, but the request was denied by the State Attorney’s Office. 

Although the mother said she did the stunt "in fun", a child forensic interviewer had a different opinion after speaking with the son. He said his investigation showed “positive findings of threatened harm of mental injury due to bizarre punishment.”

However, he also said the findings were “indeterminate of physical abuse and indeterminate of neglect due to inadequate supervision", therefor the mother was unable to be arrested. 

“I was going to put soap in his mouth but then he chased me around the house for 10 minutes,” the mother told a TV station. “By the time I caught him, I was like ‘Oh, we’re just going to stick his head in the toilet’, like as a joke.”

Although she wasn't arrested, police still say the incident “calls for continued intervention for the welfare of the children involved” and asked DCF “to assure the children remain safe and have a safety plan.”



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