Largo Fugitives Arrested In Ocala

Anderson, Rhionna, and Heckman, Derrick

Ocala, Fla.-(Newsradio 970 WFLA)-A man and a woman wanted for attempted murder and kidnapping in Largo have been arrested at a Days Inn here.

U.S. Marshals and Marion County deputies managed to arrest 24 year-old Rhionna Leann Anderson and 30 year-old Derrick Heckman after finding them hiding out in the motel.  The two were in possession of two handguns and plane tickets to California when they were apprehended.

Largo P.D. had been looking for Heckman and Anderson since earlier in the week for shooting 28 year-old Timothy James Nichols during a drug-related robbery.  Investigators say the two and a third suspect had tied up Nichols and had locked him inside a rented truck. 

Officers say Nichols had managed to free himself from the duct tape and attempted to flee when the others opened the truck's door. That's when either Anderson or Heckman shot Nichols.  

Anderson, Heckman and their helper took off, leaving Nichols for dead.  Nichols survived the shooting and is hospitalized.

Police are continuing to look for that third suspect while Anderson and Heckman are being returned to Largo from Marion County.

Photo courtesy Largo Police

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