New Details in Search For Missing Largo Boy

Largo, Fla. (970WFLA) - More questions than answers now surround the disappearance of 2-year-old Jordan Belliveau as Largo Police and the Florida Department of Law Enforcement continue their search for the boy, missing since his mother reportedly got into a car with him and a stranger on Saturday night. 

In a wide-ranging update with reporters Monday afternoon that included the first sketch of the driver involved in the incident, Largo Police Major Stephen Slaughter provided new details about the moments leading up to Jordan's disappearance.

On Monday, Police K-9 units have been searching the area where Jordan and his mother got into that car on East Bay Drive and she last remembers anything about what happened that night near Lake Avenue  

Pinellas County Sheriff's Office dive teams also searched nearby ponds in the area, although Maj. Slaughter says this a precautionary part of the search to eliminate certain scenarios in Jordan's disappearance.

While detectives want to find the driver that picked up Jordan and his mother, and more importantly find Jordan, Maj. Slaughter reiterated his plea for whoever may have him or possibly spot him, to simply drop him off at a designated Safe Place, such as a local fire or police department or library that can then contact investigators.

Their main goal is clear: find Jordan and return him to his family.  

Even with all these new questions, Largo Police are focused on finding Jordan, hopefully still alive.  However, there is no question that they need the public's help in making that happen.

The Timeline So Far

According to police, Jordan and his mother began walking from their apartment complex near East Bay Drive and Belcher Road around 9:30pm Saturday night.  While walking west on East Bay, Jordan's mother tells detectives they were approached by a man in what is believed to be a 2010 White Toyota Camry, driven by a man known only as "Antwan," pictured in the sketch released on Monday (above and below). 

Key details also released Monday morning show the Camry had a white grill, dark tinted windows and possibly a pair of Rosary beads hanging from the rearview mirror. 

On Saturday, Jordan's mother got into that Camry along with Jordan because she was walking to a friend's house but Jordan was too heavy to carry the whole way, as she has reportedly told Largo Police, not knowing who "Antwan" was. 

She then claims a fight broke out in the Camry, where she was struck in the head and knocked unconscious near Lake Avenue and East Bay Drive.  Four hours later, around 1:30am is when she says she woke up in Largo Central Park near Alternate US 19.

Jordan was nowhere to be found.

Police then say Jordan's mother found someone to call 911.  She is reportedly cooperating with detectives in the investigation.

Detectives are also reviewing surveillance video from the park, and they are also asking for any residents who may have surveillance cameras on their houses north or south of East Bay Drive from Belcher Road to the park to look at their video footage from Saturday night and contact them at (727) 587-6730.

A Deeper Backstory ?

New details were also released about Jordan Belliveau's life at home, including an ongoing case by Child Protective Investigators and an incident the Largo Police Department responded to while trying to talk to Jordan's mother.

Then there was a July arrest for domestic violence battery involving Jordan's father and his mother, who we now know is 21-years-old herself.  There were several other police responses to their home, twice for 911 hang-up calls.  

Maj. Slaughter knocked down reports that Jordan's mother may also be in some sort of "witness protection program."

However, he was pressed about the possibility of her taking a polygraph, or "lie detector" test.  While not admissible in court in Florida, it may be another tool investigators turn to as they piece together what exactly happened on Saturday night.

Amber Alert Remains in Effect

Jordan Belliveau was last seen wearing a t-shirt with the number "72" on the front, along with blue gym shorts and black and white Nike sneakers, according to FDLE's Amber Alert.

In order to issue an Amber Alert by FDLE, five criteria must be met before it is issued:

- The child must be under 18 years of age

- There must be a clear indication of an abduction

- The law enforcement agency's preliminary investigation must conclude the child's life is in danger

- There must be a detailed description of child abductor and/or vehicle to broadcast to the public

- The activation must be recommended by the local law enforcement agency of the jurisdiction. 

The Amber Alert system went into effect in 2000.

In 2003, FDLE added a Missing Child Alert system, the exception being that there is not a belief that the missing child has been abducted. 

Sketch of Man Possibly Inolved in Jordan Billaveau's Disappearance. Courtesy: Largo Police Department
Updated Amber Alert Notice.  Courtesy: Largo Police Department, FDLE
Picture of what suspect vehicle may look like.  Courtesy: Largo Police Department


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