No death penalty for New Tampa murder suspect

Hillsborough State Attorney Andrew Warren says he won't pursue the death penalty against Mikese Morse.  

Warren says he reached his decision because of Morse's mental health history, but Warren assures that his office will seek justice for Pedro Aguerreberry and his family.  

In June, investigators say Morse was driving his car along New Tampa Boulevard when he turned and drove into Aguerreberry and his two young sons, who were riding their bikes along the sidewalk.  Aguerreberry was killed.  

During this latest court hearing, Morse told the judge he struck and killed a man near the Hard Rock Casino.  Morse was then escorted out of the courtroom because he wouldn't stop talking.  A court-appointed doctor will be evaluating Morse to determine if he's mentally capable to stand trial.

(Photo courtesy of the Hillsborough Sheriff's Office)


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