2 Children Found in Hot Car,Dad & Grandpa Charged

SARASOTA (970 WFLA) -- Police responded to a 911 call on Main Street last Friday and found four people unconscious in a hot car with no air conditioning and the windows rolled up. 

Two were children, two and four years old. The two adults were their father and grandfather. Police say both men were under the influence. They found an open beer and two bottles of alcohol, as well as a cup filled with booze. One of the men had an amphetamine pill on him. 

The grandfather, Paul Houle, 51 and the father, 22 year old Paul Houle III, both of Palmetto, are charged with child neglect. The elder Houle was also charged with possession of a controlled substance. The children are with DCF. 

Photos: Sarasota Police Department 

Hot Car


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