Manatee County Pee-Wee Football Coach Arrested

Bradenton, Fla. (970 WFLA)- Edgard Theiliar is free on bond after his arrest last week on gun and drug charges.  Manatee County Sheriff's Deputies say they smelled an odor of marijuana when Theilier was pulled over for running a red light last week in Bradenton.  

A search of the 29-year-old's car allegedly turned up a loaded handgun, several bags of marijuana and a large amount of cash.  

Theliar is the head coach of the Manatee Broncos Pee Wee football team and a former Manatee High School wide receiver.

According to News Channel Eight Theliar bailed of jail last Friday. Parents said he is no longer part of the Manatee Broncos football program.

Photo Credit:News Channel Eight


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