Controversial Active Shooter Video to be Shown in Pinellas Schools

Students in grades 6-12 will now watch a mandatory active shooter video each month in a Pinellas County school district. 

The district planned on showing the video to students K-12, but after push-back from parents, the video is now only a requirement for middle and high school students. The videos geared towards elementary students can be found on the district's website so that parents can now decide for themselves whether or not they show it to their child. 

The videos are broken into the following age groups; kindergarten - 2nd Grade, 3rd Grade - 5th Grade and middle - high school. They are an attempt from Pinellas County schools to strengthen gun safety procedures following the Parkland shooting. 

Along with a monthly video showing, active shooter drills are now a monthly requirement for Middle and High School students as well. 

Complaints ranged from parents who believe the video is too intense for children as young as 5, to parents who don't want their children believing the world is an unsafe place to be.

Would you be comfortable with your middle or high school aged student watching these videos? What about your elementary school aged kids? Tweet us your thoughts- @970WFLA 



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