Tampa's Treasure Truck

Did you know that Tampa has their own Treasure Truck? That's right! Amazon's Treasure Truck roams around Tampa with exclusive deals that you can pick up the same day!

Basically, this is how it works! 

You SUBSCRIBE to the Treasure Truck and throughout the week, they will send you various texts, like this one that lets you know what's on the Treasure Truck for that day!

The deals range from foods, to electronics or yoga supplies. They really offer up anything you could possibly imagine. It's always a surprise when you see a text from the Treasure Truck.

If you want what's on the truck that day, it's easy! You just follow the link, choose your location and pickup time and BAM! All you have to do is go meet the Treasure Truck and pick up your treasures, whatever they may be! They offer a variety of pick-up times and locations, to help fit your schedule!

You'll get a text when the Treasure Truck arrives at your pick-up location!

The fun really unravels when you arrive at Amazon's Treasure Truck!

Once you see the truck, you instantly get excited!

It's really a part in itself. The bubble-blowing truck looks awesome and is fully decorated. If you stick around after you pick up your items, you may even get to play some games!

The first time I visited the Treasure Truck, I was picking up ribs with some rubs and sauces. It was a great deal and I couldn't resist! The staff is incredible friendly and serve you with a smile. The entire experience was extremely pleasant. It's not only easy, but they do a great job keeping you updated throughout the process. Then you show up to the Truck and enjoy yourself. You even get a cute little reusable Treasure Truck bag!

This makes saving even more fun! How could you not love the Amazon Treasure Truck?


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